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Perform a free Nebraska parole search on any individual in the state using this streamlined resource for its guidance, helpful search tools, and agency contact information.

When conducting a parolee lookup, it is important to differentiate between parole and probation; parole refers to the supervised early release of an inmate under certain conditions after serving part of their sentence in prison, while probation refers to the supervised “freedom” granted to offenders as an alternative to incarceration.

Parole information can be found at no cost, and this article explains how to execute a parole search to find violations, hearings, and offices. Individuals can also use this resource to look up probation information through various state and local agencies.

How To Conduct a Nebraska Parole Search & Gain Information on Offenders

In Nebraska, individuals can search parole information through the state’s Department of Correctional Services Inmate Locator. Through this free online search feature, you can search by name or by DCS number.

The results display the personal details of the offender, information on sentencing, and offense information. Parole information on an inmate is available under the sentence information section. This section includes information on the date of sentencing, parole, and release dates. Under parole information, details shown include eligibility, hearing date, date of discharge, and discharge type.

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) further provides aggregated data on offenders, also known as Incarceration Record Database.1 This download file is available in Excel format and contains offender records, including parole information. Details about parole shown include parole status, release date, and the discharge description.

Individuals can also make requests for public records, including parole information, from the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. The disclosure of this information is governed by the Nebraska Revised Statute 84-712 and not the Freedom of Information Act.2

When requesting records, include your contact information and a description of the type of records you are seeking. Email the request to or mail it to the address below:

NDCS Public Disclosure Unit
P.O. Box 94661
Lincoln, NE 68509

Public records requests, including parole search requests, are free; these requests are typically processed within four business days depending on volume.

Find Parole Violators & Absconders in Nebraska

Information on parole violators can be found through the NDCS Inmate Locator. You can conduct a name search through the system as described in the section above.

A tabulated record from a department of correctional services displaying a list of individuals with details such as committed names alongside their legal names, identification numbers, gender, dates of birth, current status, facility location, and racial identity, with an option to click on names for more information.
Source: Nebraska Department of Correctional Services3

To know whether a former inmate has violated parole, this information is shown under the ‘Release Information’ section. A person who has violated their parole can have their reason for release indicated as ‘WEC RLSE-ABSCOND.’

Although they do not explicitly state that they can help with a parole search, you can email the NDCS at or mail them at the address shown above.

How To Look Up State Prisoners in Nebraska

You can look up inmates in Nebraska state prisons through the Department of Correctional Services Inmate Locator. You can conduct a name search or an ID search if known.

Under search results, click on the name of the inmate to view detailed information about them. These details include biographical information such as the name, date of birth, race, and gender.

You can also view sentence information about the offender, which includes sentencing dates, information on parole, and the release date. Further down is the offense information, which shows the type of offense and the minimum and maximum offense term.

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services allows families to send money to inmates via ConnectNetwork.4 Families can also send messages, videos, or both to inmates via GTL. The maximum length of a videogram should be 30 seconds, while costs are applicable depending on the type of media.5

Each NDCS facility has its own visitation rules, and all the facilities require that you book at least seven days in advance. A visit can either be in-person or virtual, with some facilities also offering holiday visits.

The table below lists all the nine NDCS facilities, including addresses and contact information. You can contact the individual facilities to inquire about an inmate.

Facility Name Address Contact Information
Lincoln Community Corrections Center 2720 West Van Dorn St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68522
Omaha Community Corrections Center 2320 Ave. J
Omaha, Nebraska 68110
Phone: 402.595.2010
Fax: 402.595.3701
Nebraska Correctional Center for Women 1107 Recharge Road
York, Nebraska 68467-8003
Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility 2610 N 20th Street
East Omaha, Nebraska 68110
Phone: 402.595.2000
Fax: 402.636.8610
Nebraska State Penitentiary 4201 S 14th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68502
Omaha Correctional Center 2323 Avenue J
Omaha, Nebraska 68110-0099
Reception and Treatment Center 3218 West Van Dorn St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68522
Phone: 402.471.2861
Fax: 402.479.6100
Tecumseh State Correctional Institution 2725 Highway 50
Tecumseh, Nebraska 68450
Work Ethic Camp 2309 N. Highway 83
McCook, Nebraska 69001

How To Check Nebraska Parole Hearings & Parole Officer Details

The Nebraska Board of Parole conducts public parole hearings and reviews.6 When performing a Nebraska parole lookup, it is important to know what happens during a hearing and a review.

During a parole hearing, the Board determines whether an inmate meets the criteria for parole, while during a parole review, the Board determines whether a parole violator should be recommitted or remain on parole. These two types of proceedings are open to the public, and victims who wish to testify during these hearings can contact the Board at 402.471.2156.

Another type of proceeding, referred to as offender review, involves two board members interviewing an inmate to determine whether the individual is ready for parole when they become eligible. This type of review is unavailable to the public.

Free parole hearing dates are available online as published by the Nebraska Board of Parole. Available in calendar format, click on the date to view more details about the hearing. Additional details about the hearing include date, time, and location. The location of the hearing is usually the facility where the inmate is housed.

The calendar also contains a downloadable PDF document, which contains the names of the inmates, their offenses, parole eligibility dates (PED) and tentative release dates (TRD). Individuals can also use the full-year parole board calendar and check various parole hearing dates across the year.7

If you have any concerns about your safety or report a violator, you can contact Parole’s Victim Services by calling 402.309.4302 or sending an email address to You can also send a letter or mail using the address displayed below:

Nebraska Board of Parole
PO Box 94754
Lincoln, NE 68509

Additional questions related to parole searches in Nebraska can also be directed at the various parole offices spread across the state.9 Furthermore, the Nebraska Victims of Crime Alert Portal sends alerts and notifications to victims of crime.

A state's crime commission for managing subscriptions, where users can select a contact type, input their mobile number and PIN, and verify their identity using a CAPTCHA, with prominent emergency contact information and support services listed for immediate assistance.
Source: Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice10

How To Track Down Free Information on Nebraska Probationers

In the criminal justice system, the terms parole and probation have different meanings.

Parole refers to the early release of an inmate before the completion of their prison time. Once released, the individual is placed under supervision and must abide by certain conditions while reporting to their supervising officer. Similarly, probation involves supervision, although it can be an alternative to serving jail time.

The custodian of probation information at the state is the Nebraska Judicial Branch, which provides an online search feature called the JUSTICE Search; some frequently asked questions can be reviewed before using the database.11 Through this system, individuals can search case files from Court of Appeals and District Courts.

To use the JUSTICE Search, you must have a subscriber account at Nebraska government website. Subscribers are charged $1 to search and view case files. On the other hand, one-time searchers cost $15 per search.

A secure payment form on a state government website for processing transactions related to trial court cases, featuring fields for credit/debit card information, customer details, with a summary of the transaction costs, and an available customer support contact for assistance.
Source: Nebraska Trial Courts Case Search12

At the local level, individuals can obtain probation information from District Court clerks. This information can also be obtained through JUSTICE Search, which provides statewide access to cases filed across the state.

In Douglas County, individuals can look up probationers by requesting case information from the Clerk of the District Court.13, 14 Certified copies are available from the Case Processing Department. You can call 402.444.7613 or send an email to

Uncertified copies are available from the File Department. You can call them at 402.444.7619 or send an email to

Probation offices are spread out across Nebraska cities, and these offices can always answer any questions related to probation. In Omaha, individuals can call the probation office at 402.444.7166.15 The address of the probation office in Omaha is listed below:

Nebraska District 4A Probation Office
1701 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68183

Finding records should be efficient if you know where to look or whom to contact. When performing a Nebraska parole search, the Department of Correctional Services provides a free online inmate locator, while the Board of Parole allows the public to attend parole hearings.


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