Conduct a Free Nebraska Probation Search: Supervised Individuals

Free Nebraska Probation Search
Find out if someone you know or love is on probation in Nebraska, free of charge.

Perform a free Nebraska probation search to find information on anyone in the state. These search tools and databases linked below include each offender’s details.

An offender may be granted probation and can live within the community under the supervision of an assigned officer. Alternatively, they may be incarcerated and then released partway through their sentence if they’re eligible for parole.

This resource provides interested parties with various options to find out about the status of offenders and their whereabouts, as well as tips for contacting an offender’s probation officer.

How To Run a Nebraska Probation Search at No Cost

There are several public records resources that can be useful for performing a Nebraska supervision search.

The Adult Probation Services Division oversees prisoners who are released back into the community, but does not provide information about offenders.1

However, this department can be a useful point of contact for those who are looking to reach a probationer’s supervision officer. To that end, contact details for the probation division, along with information about how to find absconders and other fugitives, are provided in a later section of this resource.

If the offender committed a crime within the state, it’s likely the details will be listed with one of Nebraska’s courts.

People who need information about court cases can search state records, although these searches are not free. There is a nominal fee to use the JUSTICE Search Tool to access court records.2 JUSTICE covers all 93 of Nebraska’s county and district courts, and it has information about criminal and juvenile court cases as well as civil, traffic and probate cases. The platform is overseen by the Nebraska Judicial Branch.

A screenshot displays a payment form from the Nebraska Government website where a user can enter customer information and credit/debit card details to complete a transaction, with a transaction summary on the side listing the service and total cost.
Source: Nebraska Trial Courts2

Individuals who have queries about the probation process in Nebraska can email

JUSTICE provides only limited information, however, such as the date of the trial, the outcome and the names of the parties involved. The fee to use the system is $15 per search, and this fee must be paid even if the search returns no results.

Alternatively, many courthouses offer a public access terminal that provides access to the system.

Courts in Nebraska have used electronic filing for criminal cases since August 1991. In the event an individual is looking for records about an older case, they may need to contact the court directly.

Another useful tool is VINELink, which provides victims of crime with notifications when an offender is moved or released.

VINELink also supports several search parameters, including:

  • First name (partial match supported)
  • Surname (partial match supported)
  • Search type

The tool provides detailed information about the status of offenders, including photographs. To access all of the information on the VINELink platform, users must register for an account.

However, basic information (including probation status) is available without registration.

Check County & Municipal Agencies for Nebraska Probation Records

County courts and other agencies may also be helpful when performing a Nebraska supervision search.

Individual courts have their own methods for handling public record requests. For example, the Douglas County Court advises people to contact its office by email or telephone to request files rather than offering an online search tool.3 Contact details for Douglas County Court are provided below:

Douglas County Clerk of the District Court
1701 Farnam
Omaha, NE 68183

Phone: 402-444-7018

Adams County Court also processes public records requests itself. Requests for court information can be sent to the County Clerk at:

500 W. 4th St.
Suite 109
Hastings NE 68901-7657

The Clerk will then pass the request on to the correct department. Searchers can also use the Adams County Public Records Request page to access a contact form that will ensure requests are forwarded to the court or click the Public Records Directory link at the bottom of the page to access a search tool.

Sarpy County does not offer direct access to records and suggests using the JUSTICE search tool; neither does the District Court of Lancaster County. It’s becoming increasingly common for county agencies to use statewide or even national filing systems to improve the accessibility of their data. For example, VINELink covers not only Nebraska prisons but also prisons in other states.

Just as courts maintain their own records, the sheriff’s offices in each county also maintain their own records. These records can be useful for finding out if someone is wanted for violation of their probation or parole, and this topic will be covered in the following section.

How To View a Probationer’s Violations & Contact Their Probation Officer in Nebraska

If a person is on probation, they will be supervised by an officer whose job it is to ensure they comply with the terms of their release. If an individual has concerns about a person under supervision, they can use the search tools listed above to find out which county office the person is being supervised by and contact that office. The probation office can forward any concerns to the relevant officer.

The Nebraska Supreme Court provides a list of the chief probation officers and their districts, along with contact details for these individuals. These probation officers are unlikely to be able to provide information about a probationer, but they may be able to assist with concerns about a probationer’s safety or conduct. The results of a Nebraska supervision search will indicate which supervision office an offender falls under.

Details of some of the main probation offices in Nebraska are listed below:

Probation Office Address Telephone Number
Buffalo County Adult Probation Office 2022 A Avenue
Kearney, NE 68847
Butler County Probation Office 451 North 5th Street
David City, NE 68632
Douglas County Adult Probation Office 1701 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68183
Nebraska State Probation Office 1510 18th Street
Central City, NE 68826
Hall County Probation Office 117 East 1st Street #1
Grand Island, NE 68801

If a person is wanted for violation of their probation, they may appear on a wanted list published by a local sheriff’s office. Not all sheriff’s offices publish wanted lists, but some do.

For example, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has a Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive List on its front page. Those who have queries about a fugitive can contact:

Douglas County Law Enforcement Center
3601 North 156th Street
Omaha, NE 68116

Phone: 402-444-6641

Or call the tip line at 402-444-6000

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office has a dedicated Most Wanted page.4

To report a fugitive, call the tip line at 800-527-3699 or use the Sheriff’s Office contact form.

If there is imminent danger or a crime is being committed, call the emergency number: 911.

How To Track Down Someone on Parole in Nebraska

Victims of crime are often concerned about the status of the person who offended them and wish to be kept informed if that person is released on probation or parole.

To find out if someone was released from prison on parole, use the inmate search tool provided by the Department of Correctional Services.5 This tool allows users to search by name (with partial matches supported) or inmate DCS ID number and will return information about the inmate’s current status, including whether they are currently incarcerated or on parole.

A screenshot from the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services shows an individual's committed name, legal details, demographic information, sentence dates, parole eligibility and discharge dates, release information, and offense details, including a description and terms.
Source: Nebraska Department of Correctional Services5

The VINELink service offers a convenient way for victims and other concerned parties to be kept informed about the whereabouts of an individual.

Sex offenders within the state are required to register with the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry when they return to the community.6 This is a searchable registry that can be used to find the location of a registered sex offender or find out if a sex offender resides within a given radius of a specified location in the state.

A screenshot from the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry featuring personal details, including a photograph, date of birth, race, sex, physical characteristics, and an alias, with options to view addresses and vehicles and a notification service link.
Source: Nebraska Sex Offender Registry7

If someone has been a victim of a crime in Nebraska, they’re entitled to information about the status of the case, including whether a person has been arrested and the outcome of any trials. Victims can also have input into a parole hearing if they wish to participate, and they can request to be informed if a prisoner is moved, escapes or is released.

With the resources and steps outlined here, conducting a Nebraska probation search becomes a seamless process for any interested citizens.


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